I’ve been a practicing CPA since 1990 when I began my career with BDO Seidman.  Since then, I’ve progressed through other large firms, as well as small local firms, and spent a significant amount of time in the Controller and Tax Director roles with large corporate enterprises.  All this experience has shown me that working with small business owners and self-employed people is where I feel most at home.  And, having been on the ‘client side’ of things as a controller, I have a perspective that helps set me apart from many of my peers.


Very early in my career a mentor told me that our clients hire us to take things they find cumbersome and confusing and make it easy for them to handle. That has stuck with me for over 30 years now and is the driving philosophy in my practice. This underlying mindset towards service delivery with my perspective gained over 30 years of experience makes me unique.


I strive to do more than just ‘fill out your tax forms’ – I want the tax process to be transparent and proactive. Ideally, the tax return completion is the last step in the planning process. This approach eliminates surprises and reduces stress around tax compliance. The worst position to be in would be to come see me in March with your fingers crossed, worried, with no idea what the result might be. I try to create the opposite scenario where we’ve had at least one or two discussions during the summer and fall and have a pretty good idea what the tax return will look like and what cash flow around tax payments, next year’s estimates, retirement contributions, and other items might look like. This takes the mystery and trepidation out of the tax process and allows us to be proactive and impactful with the results.