Having spent over 25 years working in both public accounting and industry, I possess a very well rounded skill set and unique perspective to help business owners meet their goals. My experience serving small businesses tells me that to bring real value as a CPA you need to be an all-around business advisor. You should be able to see the world from their perspective and help them interpret the facts and facilitate the decision-making process. This approach has served me well in my work with small business owners. I think that helping business owners and managers understand what the numbers are telling them and using financial information as a management and planning tool is the ultimate goal of the client/CPA relationship.

Working in industry as a financial manager and controller for larger and mid-size companies, allowed me to be ‘on the other side of the fence’ for a change. Seeing first-hand how an accounts payable department functions, and what it takes to close the books each month has been invaluable. This depth and breadth of experience positions me well as an advisor as it provides me with an extra layer of insight that I’m able to filter ideas and advice through.

Financial reporting, tax planning, sale or purchase of a business, IRS audit representation, negotiation with banks or vendors, staffing issues, accounting department design and function, overall business strategic planning – these areas and more represent the areas in which I can bring expertise to the situation as a CPA advisor. Years of hands on experience has created a valuable perspective regarding these facets of financial management.