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Tax planning and Preparation Services

Most of my clients have complexity in their financial lives.

They may own one or more businesses – or, have several rental / investment properties. Others may have multiple, or unique, and complex financial investment accounts. In any case, their tax return is not a straightforward process. As the timeframe between the receipt of many tax documents and the initial filing deadline has compressed; I’ve realized that it’s necessary to file extensions for these clients. To support this effort, I’ve developed an approach that’s focused on planning and anticipating the taxable income and completing the work and refining the process each summer. Beyond supporting the tax compliance process, providing accurate and timely information with respect to the cash flow events associated with tax items is one of the more valuable pieces of information I can help with.

Throughout the year, we’ll engage in at least one planning session and explore the various aspects of the items expected to be included in the return. This will become the basis of the extension that will be filed in April and will inform the 4th quarter estimated payment for the current year and the first quarter payment for the subsequent year. This provides a level of clarity around cash flow with respect to taxes and some other items, such as retirement funding and perhaps capital expenditures for the next several months. As we’re completing the work for the past year, we’ll review the return and identify things to watch for in the next planning cycle and provide updated estimated payments for the next year. Then this process just repeats year over year.

On a year-round basis, in addition to the tax preparation and general consultation I provide, all clients benefit from my network of professionals. In my circle of advisors are financial planners and wealth managers, insurance experts, legal advisors in various aspects of law from business planning to estate law, bankers, marketing professionals, and other areas and disciplines as well. As a business advisor who is often the most familiar with your world, I’m uniquely positioned to tap these other subject matter experts when they’re needed.

Small Business Owners/Self-Employed

Small business owners and entrepreneurs look to me for a ‘controller’s perspective’ on their business. I can provide insight into areas of their business that go far beyond the essential tax components. A common solution for small business clients is to engage me for a quarterly consultation where we look at a variety of identified key indicators and model business cash flow in addition to updating tax projections. This planning work then supports the work we do after year end in completion of the tax filings and preparation of estimated payments and planning for the subsequent year.


While perhaps slightly less dynamic than small business operators, high-net-worth individuals and business executives often have complex tax profiles. These clients often find significant benefit from engaging me for tax projections and updates on at least a once per year basis. This is designed to provide some certainty with respect to cash flow events associated with tax payments and related items.  This planning work then supports the work we do after year end in completion of the tax filings and preparation of estimated payments and planning for the subsequent year.


Upon retirement, many people see their tax profile become more simplified and consistent from year to year.  And, in some cases, the technology generally used in our services is challenging for seniors. I can generally structure a service model that will help retirees, and in particular widow/widower taxpayers, take care of their tax filings as well as plan with their families. We offer both virtual and in-person services to assist clients despite mobility or technology issues.

General Tax Services

In addition to tax filing services, I often consult with clients to help them understand how a particular transaction might play out from a tax perspective. For example, I might help evaluate the tax impact from the sale of a rental house, or the conversion of Traditional IRA funds to a ROTH IRA. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with me to discuss any particular item, please contact us. 

For clients who do not necessarily need the ongoing planning services, we do offer tax compliance service. Currently though, our roster is full in this service area. If you’d like to be placed on a waiting list, please click here.